Solar Project Development

  • Commercial Solar Project

    Commercial Solar Project, refers to the PV facilities constructed near the user’s site, main part of the power generated by COMMERCIAL SOLAR PROJECT will...

  • Solar Farms

    Basic principles for building solar farms: Normally we construct large scale solar farms in desert with stable sunshine resource and transfer the power...


Project Advantage

  • High return on investment

    High efficiency solar panels insure the efficiency of photovoltaic power station and also assure high return on project investment

  • Professional Engineering Team

    With rich experience in project design, construction, operations, our engineering team provide better quality, reliable and more competitive design optimization

  • Leading business model

    Flexible modes of power plant development which can meet the demands of each project

  • 10+

    10 years experience in
    solar industry

  • 5+

    Shipments of 5GW solar panels

  • 50+

    Offer solar system for more
    than 50 countries

  • 80+

    More than 80 business partners
    around the world

Solar Panel

Why Choose Sunrise

  • More than A Solar Panel

    Every single Panel Sunrise delivered to you is more than a Panel, it gathered with many important and strict QC systems

  • Supplier Ranking System

    Material suppliers ranking system is changed quarterly according to multiple processes, in the aim to screen qualified suppliers with a single target of optimal quality

  • End 2 End Traceability System

    From end to end, the whole history of a Panel is made traceable just with its unique barcode, simple and efficient for both inside and outside control

  • 18 QC Points

    From end to end, the whole production process is covered by total 18 QC point in real time. The Production Flow Sheet is checked in real time too to make production process public

  • Standard Panel Adjustment System

    Sunrise standard Panels shall be adjusted annually by TUV lab to guarantee our flash test reports the accurate electrical data of the mass-production Panels

  • Power Measurement System

    Every half year, some random selected Sunrise Panels shall be delivered to a third party for power measurement validation program, with a single target of superb products